Property Crime Prevention

Deterring damaging behavior on your property and showing kindness to those in need.

As business owners, you are leaders in our community. You deserve safety, security, and to be empowered in creating a welcoming environment for your customers and clients. You can also be a friend to someone who needs it. People who engage in unlawful behavior are often without family or community support and suffering from mental illness. These steps will help keep our community safe while extending empathy to our most vulnerable neighbors.

Deterrence checklist.

Property that is clean and secure sends a message that someone is watching and will deter unlawful and damaging activity. 

Use this checklist to keep your property, customers and our community safe while extending empathy to all our neighbors.

Remove graffiti and pick up trash as soon as possible. To report graffiti in the area, email

Keep your restrooms locked and reserved for customers only. Direct folks to the nearest public restroom.

Eliminate exterior (or interior) outlets. These can not only attract unwanted use, but present a danger to children. 

Lock your dumpsters, gates, doors to keep your property secure.

Add bright lights throughout the exterior, and check that lights are all working. 

Keep trees and shrubbery trimmed up. You can post signs with directions to cooling centers provided by the city.

Make repairs to your property as needed. 

Join our cost share on-site security group. Having constant and visible presence deters unlawful activity and may encourage folks to ask for resources before engaging with law enforcement.

Add visable cameras throughout your property.

Post No Trespassing signs throughout the property and enforce throughout the day.

Please make your financial donations to organization like PRM, who can provide the necessary resources/support to get people off the street and into safety. Referral cards and signs are available for your business upon request.

Secure access to your wifi within your business walls and through the night. If someone is asking for wifi access, inform them of resources at the public library.

Secure outside water sources from unwanted use.