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We are the 19North Community Alliance.

The 19NORTH Community Alliance Inc (501c3) is a coalition of community leaders, city offices, local government, faith, schools, businesses and other non-profit organizations who work together on a shared vision for our neighborhoods and neighbors. This is accomplished through building relationships, driving change and facilitating partnerships for the community - continuously working towards safe, walkable communities for all to enjoy.

We began with the 19north district - from 15th ave. to 23rd ave., Montebello rd. to Dunlap rd. - as an organized and visionary response to light rail expansion in the area. The City of Phoenix, Valley Metro, and leaders from throughout the district came together to design a policy plan that would guide development as the rail and all the investments that come with it came to our community. Now, 19north is an officially branded district in the city that continues to convene community members and support the positive growth of our neighborhood.

With the 19north district established and sustaining, we're moving west to the Metro District, where we'll utilize what works and what we've learned from 19north to create a coalition around the (re)development of Metro Center and the surrounding area. 

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