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We believe in improving safety while caring for the community.

Public Safety Collaboration Program

Joining efforts and resources to create an effective layer of crime deterrence in our community.

Program facilitation


As a 501c3 non-profit organization, 19NORTH is the facilitating arm of this collaboration. Our role is to unite efforts that make the community safer for ALL to enjoy.

Crime prevention


Landowners will implement and maintain Crime Prevention Principles to deter drug-related crimes from their property.

Community clean-ups


Regular removal of trash, debris, and graffiti by landowners, volunteers, and a privately funded waste removal team for bulk items.

Addiction resources


Prevention education, outreach, services and resources are provided to all to address the fentanyl crisis. Providers include Community Medical Services, Community Bridges, and Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Safety patrol


A marked car patrols the area, enforcing posted No Trespassing signs. Daily reports are delivered by the patrol team to indicate problematic areas and illegal activities resolved.

Within the first 4 months of the Northern Avenue Program,

our community achieved:


reduction in calls for service


reduction in property crimes


reduction in violent crimes

Program benefits include
  • Scheduled private security patrolling for 10 hours each day, 7 days a week.​

    • Dispatch phone number for immediate support

    • Daily reports of contact and enforcement

  • Program Administrator to provide ongoing support to keep the area free from trash, graffiti and blight - including public spaces.​

    • ​Monthly updates on property improvements and action plans will be sent to all participants

  • Removal of bulk trash and debris left on properties in the area.

  • Ongoing community substance abuse outreach by our partners at Community Medical Services, Community Bridges, and the City of Phoenix.

  • Bus stop improvements and safety enhancements through partnership with the City of Phoenix Transit Department.

Neighbor Resources

Safe communities are safe for everyone. When people experiencing homelessness, active addiction issues, or unstable living situations don't receive support, issues can escalate. Every partner in our work has information on available resources to share with people who need them.

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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Creating clean, welcoming spaces encourages community activation and prevents illegal activity on those premises. We utilize principles of CPTED to functionally discourage harmful behavior as a first line of deterrence. 

Deterring damaging behavior on your property and showing kindness to those in need.

As business owners, you are leaders in our community. You deserve safety, security, and to be empowered in creating a welcoming environment for your customers and clients. You can also be a friend to someone who needs it. People who engage in unlawful behavior are often without family or community support and suffering from mental illness. These steps will help keep our community safe while extending empathy to our most vulnerable neighbors.

Remove graffiti and pick up trash as soon as possible. To report graffiti in the area, email

Keep your restrooms locked and reserved for customers only. Direct folks to the nearest public restroom.

Eliminate exterior (or interior) outlets. These can not only attract unwanted use, but present a danger to children. 

Lock your dumpsters, gates, doors to keep your property secure.

Add bright lights throughout the exterior, and check that lights are all working. 

Keep trees and shrubbery trimmed up. You can post signs with directions to cooling centers provided by the city.

Make repairs to your property as needed. 

Join our cost share on-site security group. Having constant and visible presence deters unlawful activity and may encourage folks to ask for resources before engaging with law enforcement.

Add visible cameras throughout your property.

Post No Trespassing signs throughout the property and enforce throughout the day.

Please make your financial donations to organization like PRM, who can provide the necessary resources/support to get people off the street and into safety. Referral cards and signs are available for your business upon request.

Secure access to your wifi within your business walls and through the night. If someone is asking for wifi access, inform them of resources at the public library.

Secure outside water sources from unwanted use.

We are living with an epidemic.

Much of the crime we are experiencing in our community is the result of the Opioid Crisis in our country. Fentanyl pills are being distributed, sold, smoked throughout the city. We see huddled groups with blankets over their heads inhaling the Fentanyl pills. We watch hurting humans stumble on our streets as they try to function while intoxicated. We experience petty thefts/shoplifting to support out of control addiction. We hear about guns being used during fights between desperate people. Fentanyl is a deadly poison that is all too available.

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