Welcome to the 19North District.

19North is the business district located between 15th and 27th avenue, from Dunlap to Missouri. Through the 19NORTH Community Alliance Inc (501c3), community leaders, city offices, local government, faith, schools, businesses and other non-profit organizations work together on a shared vision for our neighborhood and neighbors. This is accomplished through building relationships, driving change and facilitating partnerships for the community - continuously working toward a safe, walkable community for all to enjoy.

Taste of 19North

Charlie Mae's Soul Food

Southern, Soul Food

2019 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85015

charlie maes 19north - Brookelynn Nisenbaum.jpg

Ms. Martha's Caribbean Kitchen


1820 W. Northern Ave, Suite 110, Phoenix, AZ 85021


Raffaele's Pizza



7019 N 19th Ave, Phoenix,

AZ 85021


Restaurant Atoyac Estilo Oaxaca


1830 W Glendale Ave, Phoenix,

AZ 85021

atoyac 19north - Brookelynn Nisenbaum.jpg

Cool Vybz Jamaican Restaurant


2340 W Northern Ave, Phoenix,

AZ 85021

cool vybz 19north - Brookelynn Nisenbaum.png

Sushi Bros


8841 N 19th Ave #4, Phoenix,

AZ 85021

sushi bros 19north - Brookelynn Nisenbaum.jpg



8041 N Black Canyon Hwy #112, Phoenix, AZ 85021

akaihana 19north - Brookelynn Nisenbaum.jpg

NoRa Asian Fresh



1810 W Northern Ave Suite A-2, Phoenix, AZ 85021


Reinas De Las Pupusas Restaurant


2308 W Northern Ave, Phoenix,

AZ 85021

reinas 19north - Brookelynn Nisenbaum.png

Stacy's Off Da Hook BBQ and Soul Food

BBQ, Soul Food

1804 W Glendale Ave, Phoenix,

AZ 85021

stacy's 19north - Brookelynn Nisenbaum.png

Las Glorias Grill


7835 N 19th Ave, Phoenix,

AZ 85021

las glorias 19north - Brookelynn Nisenbaum.jpg

Joe's Philly Steak & More


8018 N 19th Ave, Phoenix,

AZ 85021

joes philly 19north - Brookelynn Nisenbaum.png

Sister Helen


1820 W. Northern Avenue #140
Phoenix, AZ 85021


Thai Lotus



7023 N 19th Ave, Phoenix,

AZ 85021


Hana House


Middle Eastern

2350 W Northern Ave, Phoenix,

AZ 85021

hana house 19north - Brookelynn Nisenbaum.jpg

New Silver Dragon


1739 W Glendale Ave, Phoenix,

AZ 85021

new silver dragon 19north - Brookelynn Nisenbaum.jpg

The Taste Of Honduras


7828 N 19th Ave, Phoenix,

AZ 85021

taste of honduras - Brookelynn Nisenbaum_edited.jpg


Community Garden

Our community garden has been generously supported by neighborhood leaders and tended by folks throughout 19North. There are no fees and no memberships - everyone is free to join in the work and joy of gardening and harvesting. All produce is shared throughout the community!

Come join in our open work day every Saturday 8:00 - 10:00 AM.

If you'd like to use the garden for your organization's team building or youth gardening classes, please send us an email at info@19north.org.


Located at 8215 N 19th Ave

Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming classes!