In 2017 our community witnessed the completion of the Northwest Extension of the light rail down

the center of 19th Avenue. Around the same time, our community also noticed a significant increase in

people experiencing homelessness. The combination of these changes created a sense of uncertainty

from residents and an outcry from many community leaders.

Change often brings fear, and fear without validation often turns into anger and blame. Seeing people

living on our streets felt frightening, and the response from many residents was to become angry and 

look for someone or something to blame. Our community was becoming fractured in an argument of

“them vs. us”, and “not in my neighborhood.” We needed a plan which would breathe cohesion back

into the community.

The 19NORTH Community Alliance began to change the conversation from the complaint, “What we

don’t want in our community” to the more productive question, “What do we want for our


In 2018, the Community Alliance held a community meeting with over 200 residents, businesses,

developers, and city/government representatives. The purpose of the meeting was to cast a vision for

the future. The room was asked, “What do you love about our community?” and, “What do you want

for the future of our community?” Both responses were captured on the screen for all to see. A third

question was asked “Would you be willing to work together to make this list our reality?”

Following these discussions, an Advisory Team was formed, bringing together representation from

city, government, business, schools, neighborhood groups, and churches to collaborate in their efforts

to make our community healthy, vibrant, and strong.

In 2019, the Advisory Team created a Vision, Mission and Strategy for the future of our community.

Supporting programs were initiated and a meaningful shift began to occur - conversations began to

center around partnering together for our shared vision.

The non-profit 501c3 9NORTH Community Alliance Inc was formed and the work of the Community

Alliance continued to build collaboration and cohesion between all aspects of community.

2020 finds the 19NORTH community a branded district in the City of Phoenix that is known for its

healthy collaboration and clear trajectory for achieving our collective vision.

Mission of Community Alliance: to lead collaborative efforts that build healthy communities.

Vision of Community Alliance: to build “Safe Walkable Communities for All to Enjoy; where

Every Business Thrives, Every Student Succeeds and Every Neighborhood is Safe.”

Values of the Community Alliance: Our values are centered around building trusted

relationships through ongoing collaboration for our shared vision;

- Relationships are more important than programs

- Collaboration makes us stronger

- Inclusion invites every voice to the table

- Healthy Conversations unite us in learning and leading

Our Story 

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